Windows 8.1 – part 2

I tried once again to upgrade from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1.  This time everything completed normally.

So here’s the secret.  If you do not want to create a Windows account, you must click on “Create a Windows” account.  Now that’s so obvious, I wonder why I missed it.

After that selection, the next screen has an option to continue using the local account and not create an Internet account.

Some notes

  • The first screen that you see, before login, is ugly.
  • The install messed up my update settings.  It reverted to automatically updating.  That doesn’t work for me, because the computer is not running Windows most of the time.  So I switched back to having it tell me that updates are available.
  • It messed up the “fast start” option.  I had disabled “fast start”.  The update re-enabled that, and did not warn me of the change.  Fortunately, I remembered to check and turn it back off.  The problem for linux users, is that if Windows uses “fast start” it can leave its file system in an inconsistent state.  That causes problems if you want to mount that file system in linux.
  • It did get the time settings right.  On Windows 8, I had set it up (with registry entry) to have the BIOS clock set to UTC, but to display time in my local time zone.  After the update, that was still working correctly.

I have not yet done much with UEFI.  The update made Windows 8.1 the first boot priority, but I changed that back.  I have not tested booting from the grub2-efi menu, though it looks as if that will work.  And I have not tried making changes with BCDEDIT.  I’ll experiment with those in future.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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