Notes on liferea

I have previously reviewed liferea (here and here), the gtk based rss feed reader for linux.  There is now a post at the liferea blog, suggesting that the tray icon does not work in KDE:

However, I am not seeing that problem.  Right now, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.8.14, while I am running KDE 4.10.5 (under opensuse 12.3).  On another computer, I can see the tray icon for liferea 1.10.2 under KDE 4.11.2 (using opensuse 13.1 RC1).

What I do sometimes see, is that the icon does not immediately appear when I start liferea.  I can see where, in the KDE tray, that the icon is supposed to appear.  I can bring up the application by clicking on that spot in the tray.  I can see the mouse-over message from liferea by holding my mouse pointer over that tray location.  And, after a while, the icon shows up.

Why post this?

I tried posting this information as a comment to the liferea blog post.  In fact, I tried that twice.  It won’t allow me to post there.  When I try to post, I get back a message:

Your posting was blocked by our spam filter

Your posting on LZone from has been automatically flagged by our spam filters as being inappropriate for this website.

What’s really weird, is that my IP address is not even close to the one listed.  My IP address begins “99.175”.  A whois lookup suggests that the IP address is from France.

The spam message continues with:

At LZone we work very hard behind the scenes to keep our web pages free of spam. Unfortunately, sometimes we accidentally block legitimate content. If you are attempting to post legitimate content to this website, you can help us to improve our spam filters by emailing the following information to a site administrator:

But there is no following information that I can see.  Instead, there is a link:

Report spam filter error.

When I click that link, I get a “Page not found” error.


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About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

2 responses to “Notes on liferea”

  1. Lars Windolf says :

    Hi Neil,

    thanks for posting this here. I finally found it.

    I fixed the overly strict IP blacklisting on There was some massive comment spam for some time which I survived by strict blacklisting. Sorry that you were a victim of it.

    I’ll investigate the broken link on the “Report spam filter error” thing.


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