Encrypted LVM problem for 13.1 beta is solved

Well, technically, it isn’t solved until a fix is officially out.  But the problem seems to have been tracked down.

Here’s how I described the problem in an earlier post:

I was alerted to a possible problem while running Tumbleweed on my Dell Dimension C521.  After installing a 3.11.0 kernel on Tumbleweed, found that it would not boot.  During boot, I was prompted for the LVM encryption key.  But the system seemed to never respond to what I typed in.  It looks to me as if it is failing to read the USB keyboard.

This issue was reported (by another user) as bug 839071.

To investigate the problem, I first checked the “usb” related drivers in the “initrd”.  The same drivers seemed to be there for 3.11 kernels as for 3.10 kernels.  And that was puzzling.

Then it occurred to me that perhaps there was a missing driver for another related part of the hardware.  It could be that the code for that hardware had been split off into a separate module.

I changed to the module directory for the 3.10 kernel.  And then I ran “ls -R” to get a recursive list of file names, which I redirected to a file.  I did the same for the 3.11 kernel.  Then I used “diff” on the two files, to find which kernel modules were new for 3.11.

The next step was to boot to the 3.11 kernel on the same hardware (I booted the 13.1 beta for that), and use the “lsmod” command to get a list of loaded modules.  Then I checked which of the new modules for 3.11 had been loaded.  There were only two of those, and the module “ohci_pci” seemed to be the most likely.

Now it was time for testing.  I booted up my Tumbleweed system on that box.  Then  I added “ohci_pci” to the list of modules to be always included in the kernel.  I used the Yast sysconfig editor for that.  Then I ran “mkinitrd” — actually the Yast sysconfig editor ran that after the editing change.  Finally, I rebooted to see if the 3.11 kernel now worked.  And it did.

I posted that information to the bug report.  And another user with the same problem has confirmed that the same solution worked for him.


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