Opensuse 13.1 Beta – first looks

The awaited 13.1 Beta release showed up this morning.  Today is a work day, so I have not had much time yet, though I have downloaded it.

I booted the KDE live media (written to a USB) on an older desktop (a Dell Dimension C521.

The running Beta is using kernel 3.11.1, and it seems fine thus far.  KDE comes in as release 4.11.1.

I have noticed two problems.  The first is that KDE startup never completed, probably because it did not like the nouveau driver for my graphics card.  So I use CTRL-ALT-BACKSPACE (twice) to abort, and logged into Icewm.  There, I edited “.kde4/share/config/kwinrc” and added a line “Enabled=false” to the compositing section.  After that change, I was able to login to KDE and have the session startup properly.

The second problem is that “/boot” looks bad.  The kernel has length 0.  This looks like the problem from bug 827520 still showing up.  Running a live system is fine.  Installing from a live USB is unlikely to work.  If the live image is written to DVD, that will probably work for install.  My workaround for the live image is to mount the “hybrid” partition on another linux system (same or different computer), and remove its “/boot” subdirectory.  That worked with M4.  I’ll test it soon with the Beta.

I will probably be doing some installs tomorrow, using the DVD image on USB.  I’ll post again after an actual install.


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