Notes on akregator, konqueror, rekonq

I have mentioned akregator, konqueror and rekonq in earlier posts.  This will be a brief update.


Two things that I criticized about akregator, were that it crashed too often and that it lost count of the number of unread items.

On the count issue, things are better.  While it still loses count from time to time, it is happening less often with version 4.10.5 (part of KDE 4.10.5).  Previously it was likely to lose count an average of at least once per day.  Right now, I notice that I have been running akregator continuously for 3 days with no loss of count and no crashing.

Crashing likewise seems to have improved.  I can only recall one recent crash, and that was when I opened a full article in a tab on akregator, instead of in my browser.  I did that because the browser itself had crashed (I think rekonq) on that same article, and probably due to a flash applet in the article.  Previously, say this time last year, akregator was crashing randomly.  I would sometimes find that it had crashed overnight.  I developed the habit of restarting it once per day to reduce the crash frequency and the possible loss of data.  I guess I have become careless with that regular restarting, and the software has improved enough that the regular restarting is no longer needed.

Konqueror and rekonq

For some time, I had been setting rekonq as my default browser.  This is mainly to set the browser that akregator will use, though akregator itself can be configured to use a different browser.  So my practice has been to use firefox for most browsing, but rekonq for browsing initiated from akregator.

The frequency of rekonq crashes seemed to be increasing, and I found that frustrating.  So, from time to time, I would switch to konqueror.  I have now been staying with konqueror for browsing initiated from akregator.  It still crashes, perhaps once or twice a day, but not as often as rekonq.

The rekonq crashing seems to be associated with flash.  The more flash applets on a page, the more likely that page is to crash rekonq.  And the same page would also crash konqueror, except that I have configured konqueror to only load plugins on request.  So a page full of flash applets doesn’t run any flash unless I tell it to.  And that’s why konqueror is doing better.

Rekonq also has an option to only load plugins on request.  But that option is broken in rekonq.  It looks okay when first starting a plugin, but rekonq is liable to crash on the second plugin load.


I’ll end with a note on firefox.  It is perhaps several years since I last had a firefox crash.  This might be because I am using both “noscript” (to block scripting from most sites), and flashblock (to prevent flash applets from starting unless I request them).


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