Opensuse 13.1 Milestone 2

The Milestone 2 pre-release version is available.  I downloaded yesterday, and have installed on two systems.  One of those installs was 64-bit on my UEFI box, with encrypted “/home” and encrypted swap.  The other was 32-bit on my oldest hardware (a semi-retired Toshiba laptop) with randomly encrypted swap.

Here’s the “official” announcement:

Quick review

The install’s went pretty smoothly.  In particular, most of the problems that I ran into with a UEFI install of 13.1M1 seem to have  been solved.  This may be mostly due to kernel changes.

The kernel version is listed as 3.10.0-rc4.  KDE4 now shows at version 4.10.4.  And Gnome shows as at version 3.8.2.

As of yet, I have not run into any serious problems.

As has been my usual practice, both installs were done using the DVD images written to a USB disk.



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