A quick glance at opensuse 13.1 Milestone 1

Milestone 1 was released today (or late yesterday).  For the full tentative timetable of planned 13.1 releases, see the roadmap.  For the announcement, check here:

On looking at the announcement, there is not much that I regularly use among the list of new items.  I see that “systemd”, “wpa_supplicant” and “xorg-x11-server” have all been updated, and I do use those.  But I use them indirectly.  I directly use KDE, but that is not listed as updated.

I have not yet decided whether to install.  I did write the 32-bit KDE live image to a USB, and I have booted that on two systems.

My experience

Things mostly went pretty well when running from the live KDE image.  The desktop is KDE 4.10.2.  It appears to have upstream branding.  That is, the distinctive opensuse look is missing.  I’m sure that temporary.  It was probably not a high priority issue.

The live 32-bit system is using kernel 3.9.0-1.default.

The only new problem that I noticed was with WiFi.  I connected to my home network, and entered the network key as requested.  A message popped up, saying that the connection failed.  However, looking at the NetworkManager icon in the tray, I could see that the connection actually succeeded.  So this is an incorrect failure message.  I’m not sure whether this is related to the wpa_supplicant update.  This problem showed up on each of the two systems where I booted the live USB.

I have not noticed any problems with systemd, but perhaps I would not notice unless I installed and attempted to make some changes that affects systemd.  Similarly, I have not seen any problems that could be due to the xorg update.

Milestone 2 is due out in a little under a month.  There will probably be more to test by then.



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