Notes on KDE and Gnome

A few days ago, KDE was updated to version 4.10.2 on opensuse 12.3.  And yesterday, Tumbleweed (which I have on one computer) updated Gnome to version 3.8.  So here are a few notes on those desktop environments.

KDE 4.10.2

I’ll start with KDE.  This is the desktop that I mainly use.

Not much has changed.  With a few minor exceptions, everything seems to be as before (when I was running 4.10.00).

For the rekonq browser, I notice that AdBlock now seems to work.  I am using it with the easy list.  Previously, if I turned on AdBlock in rekonq, the browser would soon crash and I would notice that AdBlock had been turned off.  Now it stays on.  For the most part, advertisements don’t bother me.  And since advertising pays for some of the content, I would happily leave it on.  However, unfortunately, there are some advertisements with super-agressive java script that interferes with viewing content.  And AdBlock seems to be stopping a lot of that.  With firefox, I stop that using the “noscript” extension.  For konqueror, and now rekonq, AdBlock seems to do the trick.

Setting plugins to load on demand (instead of automatically) still does not work with rekonq.  If I visit a page with two youtube videos while plugins are set to load on demand, then rekonq crashes if I try to play the second youtube video.

I have not noticed much else on the browser front.  I still see konqueror crashing while idle.  I’m not sure whether it still crashes if I close a tab that is playing a video.  This was already  happening less often with 4.10.00.  I have not yet seen it happen with 4.10.2, but it is too early to pronounce the problem as solved.

Oh, and akregator still can’t count.  From time to time its count of unread articles is wrong.  I stop it and restart it to solve that problem.

Gnome 3.8

This has been a disaster, as far as I am concerned.  The Tumbleweed update gave me Gnome 3.8.  I rebooted after the update, to make sure everything running was properly using the updated version.

I logged into Gnome.  Shortly thereafter, a white screen appeared with the message “Oh, No.  Something has gone wrong.”  The screen contained only a logout button.

I logged out, then logged in again.  The same problem.

I deleted all of the gnome-related settings files, and tried again.  The same failure, repeated after a login.

I installed the proprietary Nvidia drivers (to replace the open source nouveau driver), rebooted, made sure they were running.  I then logged into Gnome again.  The same problem

This is why I have no confidence in the Gnome team.  Yes, with a newer graphics card, it would probably work.  And maybe it’s nice to have the screen filled with all sorts of fancy eye candy.  But, personally, I just want to get work done.  I don’t much care for the eye candy.  And Gnome is now unusable on that box for getting work done.

The strange thing is that Gnome 3.6 actually worked reasonably well on that box (with the nouveau driver).

If the software is able to detect the error, and put up a notice on the screen about the failure, then it should also be able to change settings so that the next login will be in some sort of failsafe mode where the problem won’t happen.


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2 responses to “Notes on KDE and Gnome”

  1. Neil Rickert says :

    After a few more Tumbleweed updates, Gnome 3.8 started working.


  2. vimore4k says :

    I am typically to blogging and i really respect your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website and maintain checking for brand new information.


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