Firefox updated to 20.0

An update for firefox, and other Mozilla software, came through yesterday.  That brings firefox to version 20.0.

I normally don’t comment on such updates.  However, in a recent post, I wrote:

The  main feature where I might prefer some other browsers, was with private browsing.  Chromium and midori open a separate window for private browsing, and opera opens a separate tab.  That allows browsing one site privately at the same time as I am browsing another site in ordinary (non-private) mode.

To my surprise, and a pleasant surprise, firefox private browsing now works that way.  The menu entry for private browsing now reads “New Private Window”.  And when I select that, a new window opens for private browsing, with the old window still there.

For me, the effect is that I will use private browsing more often.  I very much like this change.


The description of the mozilla update mentioned that it included a seamonkey update.  However, seamonkey was not updated.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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