Installing opensuse 12.3 in UEFI mode

This is based on my install of RC2 (release candidate 2).  I am assuming that the final release will be similar.

You can use either the DVD installer (64bit) or the live installer (I tested with KDE live image).  Either one should be structured for use with UEFI.

Installing with the DVD

Just boot the DVD on your UEFI box.  Make sure that you boot it in UEFI mode.  The first boot page will be simpler for UEFI mode, with no choice to add kernel parameters.

Installing with a CD

Sorry, but again this cannot be done.  The live KDE image is too large to fit on a CD.  However, you can write it to a DVD and install from there.  It should boot into UEFI mode.

Install with a USB

Just copy the DVD iso file or the live iso file to the USB device.  I used “dd_rescue”, but using “dd” should also work.  Then set your UEFI box to boot from a USB in UEFI mode, and you should be set.


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