Browser review – konqueror

Today was my konqueror day.  So I have done most of my browsing with konqueror.  I should explain that.  This post will appear to have been made early on Sunday, because I have set the blog timezone to UTC.  However, it is Saturday evening here in suburban Chicago, so I have done a fair amount of browsing with konqueror.  I’ll note that my testing has all been in webkit mode.  I have not attempted KHTML mode for today’s evaluation.

I last looked at konqueror in September, and I had some problems with it.  The biggest problem was that it crashed often.  I’m happy to say that it has not crashed at all in today’s testing.  That may be partly because I am now running opensuse 12.3 RC1, in place of the 12.2 that I was running back in September.

There are still some limitations.  There is no private browsing mode, and no spell checking (as while composing this post, for example).

KDE integration

Konqueror integrates well with KDE.  The comments that I made for rekonq mostly apply also to konqueror.

Tabbed browsing

I quite like the way that konqueror handles tabs.  I have been able to set it to always show the tabs, and to automatically switch to a new tab.  This is also how I have firefox set, so the use of tabs is not much different from firefox.

If anything, konqueror does better than firefox in switching to the previous tab after I close a tab.  It seems to remember previous tabs to a greater depth.  On the negative side, is the width of the tab.  It is a variable width, depending on the page title.  I liked this in my earlier report on konqueror.  But I have since come across pages with very wide titles, resulting in uncomfortably wide tabs.  So I have changed my mind on this feature.


Bookmark handling is very similar to that of firefox.  That is to say, there is a menu, and I can make that a multi-level menu.  And konqueror does not attempt to sort the bookmarks when importing them.


Konqueror is using kdewallet to manage passwords.  That seems to be working reasonably well.


The main problem that I have been having with konqueror, is that it will sometimes crash if I close the tab where it has been playing a youtube video (or other video).  Surprisingly, that problem has not arisen at all today.  Perhaps it only happens when I watch videos in pages loaded from akregator, which I have not been doing today (I am staying with rekonq for use with akregator).

There is still no private browsing mode, so I have gone back to firefox for a couple of sites that I prefer to access that way.  But otherwise, today has been relatively problem free with konqueror.


Now that it is more stable, konqueror is turning out to be a very good browser.  It is slow loading some pages, in comparison to the light weight browsers reviewed in the last few days.  For a lot of what I do, I barely notice that it is not firefox.

Still, I expect I will revert to using firefox when I have finished this series of reviews.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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