Browser reviews

Due to graphic problems that I was having, as reported in an earlier post, I installed all of the browsers that I could find in the standard opensuse repos.  So it occurs to me that this might be a good time to review the various available browsers.  I’ll plan to do that over the next few days, with at most one review per day.

Here’s the list of browsers that I currently have installed:

[I have updated the list by making each entry a link to the 2013 review of that browser — change made Jan 09, 2014]

I also have some text mode browsers (links, lynx, w3m), but I treat those as special purpose so won’t be including them in my reviews.

I mostly use firefox, which comes as part of a standard opensuse install.  And, since I use KDE, konqueror is also part of a standard install.  I have been additionally installing chromium and opera to have alternatives available, though I have only rarely used them.

While investigating the graphics problem I was having, I tried all of those browsers.  Only midori and firefox suffered from the problem, and I was able to work around the firefox problem.  So now, only midori is affected, though not too seriously.

Of the newly installed browsers (midori, rekonq, sea monkey, epiphany), the one that I liked most was rekonq.  I’ll say more about that when I get to reviewing it.

For these reviews, my plan will be to do most of my normal browsing for the day in one browser, and then report on that browser.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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