Opensuse 12.3 RC1 is looking good

On Thursday, I downloaded the iso images for release candidate 1 (both 32bit and 64bit), and managed to install on one computer.  On Friday, I installed on two more computers.  It’s actually still Friday here, but the post date will say Saturday because I have the blog set to use GMT.

Downloading was trouble free.  I checked the PGP signatures to verify the correctness of the downloads.


These were very smooth installations.  Everything went as it should, at least up till the first boot.  And, even on the first boot, there were only minimal problems.

Two of the computers normally connect to the network with wireless.  So I decided to setup WiFi connections in advance.  At the time of the first reboot, I booted those to a different system, so that I could restore the NetworkManager system connection definitions (in “/etc/NetworkManager/system-connections”).  After restoring those, I proceeded with the reboot.  The third system was an older desktop that normally uses an ethernet connection.  So I did not need special handling for that system.

For all three, I had disabled “automatic configuration” on an early setup page.  So, following the reboot, I was able to define the desired hostname.  For the wired system, I also had to define the setup for the ethernet connection (you can avoid that by using automatic configuration).

Following the network setup, it tries to test the network by downloading a file (the release notes file).  That test was successful on the two wireless system, but failed on the wired system.

The next step was online updates (which can be skipped).  I went ahead with those, and that worked on all three systems, including the one where the network test had failed.

Not long after this, there was a chance to login.  And on both wireless systems, there was no network at that point.  On the wired system, the network connection was fine.  This was, as I noted, a minor problem.  After a reboot, the network connection was available.

First appearances

The background wall paper is the same as it was on 12.3 Beta1.  There’s an image posted on a forum thread.  Many people might find it a little dark, but that background image is easy to change, at least in KDE.

Before seeing that background, you will see the plymouth splash animation.  On my 64 bit installs, that was quite nice.  It has some wording in several languages, to present an international flavor.  For my 32 bit install, I saw the same spash animation as in the earlier Beta1 release.  I presume that will be updated to the newer international version by the time of the final release.

The software

The new install is using kernel 3.7.6.  KDE is at version 4.10.  Gnome is at version 3.6.2.

The software mostly seems to be working fine.  However, I have not yet had time to do much testing of rc1.


I did run into one problem.  On my 32 bit system, with an older ATI graphics card, if I leave the system idle for a while, the screen shuts off (as expected).  But it does not recover.  Moving the mouse, or hitting a key still leaves a dark screen.  I tried CTRL-ALT-Backspace (twice), and that killed Xorg (as it should), but I was still left with a blank screen.  I could only get a screen back by rebooting.  This is likely to be due to a problem in the radeon driver software (ok, I’m just guessing).

The end of SysvInit

There’s an attempt to phase out what remains of sysvinit, leaving systemd in charge.  That might change how some services are started.  Perhaps I’ll have more to say on this after I have spent more time using the system.


At this stage, 12.3 is looking good.  Final release is supposed to be in mid March.


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