A first look at opensuse 12.3 Beta1

The beta1 release was made available yesterday.  I have now installed on two different computers, so it is time to report on my first impressions.


The downloading went smoothly.  I used “aria2c” to download, based on the meta link.  The meta file for the download included a pgp signature, which I used to check the integrity of the downloaded iso.

There have been some reports at the forums, of bad md5 checksums.  So here’s the story:

If you check the page giving the list of mirrors, that gives the correct md5 and sha1 checksums.  However, if you download the file “openSUSE-DVD-Build0348-i586.iso.md5” or “openSUSE-DVD-Build0348-i586.iso.sha1” that may have a bad checksum.  So do your checking against the md5 or sha1 checksums on the page listing the mirrors.

 I only did these tests for the 32bit DVD.  From the forum reports, the same problems appear to be there for the 64bit DVD.


The installation was quite smooth.  I have installed on a 64bit system with LUKS encrypted “/home” and swap.  I have also installed on a 32bit system using an encrypted LVM.  There were no problems with either of those.  It was an important check, since I did run into problems with Milestone 2 on both of those systems.  I’m glad to see that the problems have been solved.

In both cases, I ran “isohybrid” on the iso file, then wrote it to an 8G usb flash drive, using “dd_rescue”.  The install from a USB proceeded without any problems.

For both installs, I unchecked “use automatic configuration” in the early install screens.  That way, I could specify the desired hostname and domainname during the configuration stage (after the reboot).

First looks

I have not yet had time to thoroughly test the software.  I have logged into “icewm” and KDE, with most of my usage being with KDE.

The system is running kernel 3.7.1-1, and KDE is at version 4.9.97, which I understand to be release candidate 2 for KDE 4.10.  By the time of the 12.3 final release, 4.10 will probably be available.

Screen saver locking

As with the M2 release, I was unable to turn off screen locking, except by disabling the screen saver.  I consider this a KDE bug.  I was hoping that it would have been corrected by now.  Unfortunately, the bug is still present and still annoying.


I am unable to get bluetooth to work.  If I go into the bluetooth settings in the “Configure Desktop” menu, then it says that now bluetooth adapter was recognized.  The same problem occurred with the M2 release, though I think I failed to report it – probably because I don’t use bluetooth very much.

Bluetooth does work with 12.2, and it worked with 12.3M1.  But it failed with M2 and now with Beta1.  As mentioned in another post, it also fails with Fedora 18.  My bluetooth adapter, according to opensuse 12.2 and according to Windows 7, is “Dell wireless 365 bluetooth module”.  I do not know whether the problem is specific to this adapter, or applies to all bluetooth adapters.

Other observations

Just about everything that I have tested has worked properly.  The only “problem” that I noticed was in setting up NFS client services.  The original setup went without a hitch.  I was also setting up “autofs” at the same time.  Then, after pressing the “finish” button” Yast asks whether the changes should be permanent (apply to future boots).  I gave the OK to that.  It reported that “nfs” failed.  However, nfs client services continue to work properly, even after a reboot.  So I guess it is a bad message.

I may have more to report after I have spent a few more days testing.


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  1. Will Stephenson says :

    Please make time to report these bugs!


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