Blogging notes

I began this blog on Oct 10th, 2011 with an introductory post.  Before that, I had already started another blog, oriented more to questions about knowledge, learning, cognition.

On my other blog, I had already posted a few computing related messages.  I had more such messages that I had considered, but they were way off-topic for that blog.  And that’s why I started this blog.  I haven’t counted, but I think my posting rate here has been greater than on my more philosophical blog.

Looking at statistics and search strings that WordPress tells me about, I see that my post “Comparing Fedora and opensuse” seems to be the most popular, with 154 views during the last week.  I never would have guessed that would be so popular.  A new release of Fedora should be coming out soon, so I will probably test that if I can juggle enough testing time along with my continued beta testing of opensuse 12.3.

Most of the computing related posts on my other blog were related to crypto, and I have posted updated versions here.  However, there is one that I have not had a need to update, and it shows up as one of the more popular posts on that blog.  It is “Certificates for dummies” which was posted only a few days before starting this blog.  It is perhaps part of what gave me the idea to start this blog.  If I find a good reason to update it, I will do that here.  But for now, better not to disturb search engine databases, and just leave it where it is.

Overall, this blog is a bit more popular than my other blog.  That’s probably because the other blog’s main topic is more specialized.

Happy new year, everybody.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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