A brief update on 12.3M2

1: akonadi

In my earlier post on 12.3M2, I neglected to mention that akonadi does not start automatically.  That’s a plus for folk like me, who don’t actually need akonadi.  If I startup Kontact, that does start akonadi, as it should.  But since I do not normally use Kontact or kmail, running akonadi has always seemed silly.

I do use akregator, which is part of the Kontact suite.  However akregator does not seem to need akonadi.

2: Desktop effects

I mentioned a problem with desktop effects on an older system with ATI graphics using the radeon driver.  In brief, the system would not let me disable desktop effects, though it automatically disabled some of those effects.

It turns out that there’s a way around this.  After the first KDE login, edit the file “kwinrc” in “$HOME/.kde4/share/config”.  Look for a section headed “[Compositing]”.  If there is a line in that section beginning “Enabled=”, then make sure that it says “Enabled=false”.  If there is no such line, then add it.  The lines seem to be in alphabetical order, though that may not matter.

Once you have set “Enabled=false” in the “[Compositing]” section, logout then login again.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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