Geotagging – should I, or shouldn’t I?

For the present, I have turned on geotagging for this blog.  I’m not sure whether that is a bad idea; opinions welcome.

The geotagging is supposed to add location (latitude, longitude) to post headers.  I have not been attempting to hide where I reside, so I was not too concerned about the privacy issue.  On the other hand, I am  not sure that it makes much sense, since what I post is not location-sensitive.

I am following my own blog on the “liferea” rss reader.  I am mostly following it to get quick notice of comments, but it also allows me to find out what it looks like on an rss reader.

My most post (on KDE activities) is the first since I set the option to allow geotagging.  And, to my surprise, the liferea display showed a location map.  Embarrassingly, it showed my location as in the ocean off Africa, south of Ghana.  I guess I didn’t set that up correctly.  That’s now fixed, except for copies that already exist in other places such as RSS readers.

I have since added the blog to akregator, but it does not show a map.  I’ll delete that feed after a while.

So what do folk think —  is geotagging this blog at all useful, or should I just turn that off again?  Comments welcome.

[added note]  Looking at the source for this page (the source before adding this comment), I see:

<meta name='geo.position' content='123.456789;-98.765432' />
<meta name='ICBM' content='123.456789;-98.765432' />

and, a little later, I see:

<div id="geo-post-523" style="display: none">

And that is presumably what provides the geotagging.  Note that I munged the numbers in that quoted text, in case I later decide to turn off geo-tagging for this message.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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