What a difference a patch makes

An update on konqueror

Two months ago I reviewed konqueror, and I was one unhappy user.

My biggest gripe with konqueror, is that it crashes too often.  I rarely have crashes with the other browsers that I listed.  I am not sure what causes the crashes.  On several occasions, I watched a youtube video.  And then, when I closed the tab that had the video, konqueror crashed.  This has never happened with the other browsers.

Yesterday I ran online updates (opensuse 12.2).  One of the patches was to kdelibs4.  A comment indicated that it fixed akregator crashes.  It turns out that it also seems to have fixed konqueror crashes.

Since installing that patch, I have not had a single crash of konqueror.  And I have visited sites that had often crashed before.

There are other things about konqueror that cause me to still prefer firefox, so I continue to use firefox for the bulk of my browsing.  I mainly use konqueror for browsing blog pages that akregator informs me of, and for visiting links from those blog pages.

Addendum: while composing this post, konqueror crashed.  And I was not using it for this post.  Instead, konqueror was sitting there minimized, displaying only the “about:blank” page and apparently doing nothing.  But it crashed anyway.  Still that’s a day after I last started konqueror, which is better than the problem I was having before yesterday where it would often crash on reading a patheos blog post.

Other patches

Of the other software updated yesterday, the most notable (to me, at least), was an update of firefox to 17.0, with a similar update of thunderbird.


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