A quick report on opensuse 12.2

I checked at around UTC 1045 this morning, but 12.2 did not show as available.  I checked again at around UTC 1115, and there it was, 45 minutes ahead of the official schedule.  So I started downloading.

Downloads went well.  And I had time to “burn” to a USB flash drive before leaving for work.  Then, at work, I installed on a fresh partition on a “new” computer.  The computer isn’t really new – it was a “hand me down.”  But it’s a lot newer that what I had been using at work.

The installation went well, installing in an encrypted LVM.  I have not yet completed the customization.  I’ll finish that on my next opportunity, and then switch over to making that my main work computer.

Thus far, everything has worked quite smoothly with 12.2.  I’ll install on my home desktop this evening.


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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