It has been a while since my last post.  No, I haven’t forgotten this blog, but I have been busy with other things.

My  fall teaching is just beginning.  I am teaching a class on operating systems.  We use the dinosaur book.  The aim of the  class is to give students the conceptual background needed to understand modern computing.

On the linux front, I am mostly biding time awaiting the final release of opensuse 12.2.  At present I still have 12.2 RC2 installed on my test systems.  There were a few bugs in that release candidate, but they seem to have been mostly ironed out by now.  The public release of the final version is scheduled for September 5th, so I will be busy teaching my class for that day when I would have preferred to be downloading and installing.

I am about to reorganize our home network, but that too is awaiting 12.2 final.  We have just replaced my wife’s Vista desktop system with a newer Windows 7 system.  I will claim the older Vista hand-me-down as my new linux desktop.  It will be linux only, with part of its disk set aside for a samba share to be accessed by all home computers.  My older current desktop will revert to use for linux testing and for Windows on the occasions that I need it (mainly for preparing annual tax returns).


About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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