Seen in email

Here’s an email message that I found in my mailbox today:

St. Dominic Church
Vasant Vihar A-1 Poorvi Marg,
New Delhi-110 057

We want to let you know that we have the calling from the Lord to help those who are in need of loan, We offer loan at 3% interest,school loan church loan business loan investment loan real estate loan. if you are interested kindly contact Rev Father Abraham Singh with the information below.

Name: Fr. Rajan abraham singh
Email: munged@munged
Stay Blessed,
Regards Rev sister Sarah peter
Tel +xxxxxxxxxxxx

I have munged the email address and phone number.

This is spam, of  course.

The thing about it, is that it plays on the religious beliefs of its intended victims.

Unfortunately, some religions (particularly the more conservative branches of Christianity) set their believers up to be quite gullible.  So scammers see them as ripe for plucking.


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