Opensuse 12.2 RC2 – a brief review

I have now installed 12.2 RC2 on two systems.  For the most part, everything seems to be running quite well.  I expect 12.2 final to be one of the best opensuse releases.

Already, 12.1 has been mostly very good, though there were a few quirks related to the move to systemd.  Those seem to be mostly fixed by now.

Changes since RC1

I am now seeing kernel 3.4.6-1.1.

The grub2 boot screen is now themed, and looks very good.

Problems I have seen

The biggest problem for me was with crypto.  I have documented this in a bug report “774400 – no prompt for crypto key in verbose boot“.  The chances are that this will affect very few people, so I do not see it as a show stopper.  And I was able to work around the problem.

The other bug that I have seen was with ecryptfs.  However, this is more of an enhancement than a bug.  In 12.1 and earlier, you had to do some work to get ecryptfs to operate properly.  Now, most of that work is automatic if you install ecryptfs-utils.  The remaining problem is that a minor tweak is needed in the pam configuration if you want your private directory to be automatically unlocked on login.  I may post more on that after the final 12.2 release, assuming that the problem is still there.

So that’s about it.  I have not found any other problems (yet).  I’m sure that there are problems with some of the applications – there always are – but in most cases those problems won’t be specific to opensuse.

The final release is supposed to be in early September, and I am looking forward to that.

Final note:  As usual, I installed by running “isohybrid” on the DVD image, writing that to a USB, then booting the install image on the USB flash drive.


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