Opensuse 12.2 RC2 is out – a preliminary report

RC2 (release candidate 2) was made available today.  I have already done one install (the 64 bit version).  I am currently doing a second install (32 bit version on older hardware).

All is not well.  There are still problems with encrypted partitions, most likely interactions with Plymouth.  I’ll post a bug report later.

My second install is for a system with an encrypted LVM.  The crypto for that worked fine with RC1, and I expect it to work fine here.  The install is still under way, so I don’t know yet.

The system where I had problems was with encrypted “/home” and encrypted swap (both LUKS encrypted).  The initial boot had problems.  However, once I got it booted, ran “mkinitrd” to rebuild the “initrd”, it then started behaving.  This may be a problem in “mkinitrd” when it is first done in a chroot environment while running the install DVD.

Beyond that problem, most things seem to be working.  I will post a more detailed report after a few days of using the system.


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Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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