Update on 12.2 RC1

[Update: the bug in crypto handling appears to be fixed.  There is a solution listed in the discussion of bug 770890, and tests have shown it to be working.]

I have been testing opensuse 12.2 RC1 (that’s release candidate 1) for a week now.  And I have not come across any serious problems other than the one reported in my earlier post.  And even that earlier problem can be worked around and won’t affect most users.  I am expecting it to be fixed by the final 12.2 release, though I have no certainty of that.

It is looking as if 12.2 will be a very good version.  There have been a few bugs reported at opensuse forums, but fewer than is usual at this stage of testing.  I had a problem with KDE on my oldest slowest system with Beta1, but that problem no long exists.  The was a problem in Beta2 on my desktop, where I could not open “System Settings” in Gnome, but that problem is no longer present in RC1.

There is now better support for ecryptfs in RC1.  I did have a minor problem there.  The order of the pam entries appeared to be wrong, so that the private directory was not automatically mounted on login.  But that’s still a lot better than the ecryptfs support for earlier versions.

I will be looking forward to RC2, and the final release, probably in September.


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