Opensuse 12.2 RC1 flubs crypto

12.2 RC1 was made available July 12, 2012.

The install went okay on a system where I use an encrypted LVM.  And it went fine on a system where I only encrypt swap with a random key.  However, on a system with both encrypted swap (luks encrypted) and encrypted “/home”, I ran into problems.

The prompt for the encryption key is hidden during boot, presumably by plymouth.  The system did eventually boot, but “/home” was not mounted and swap was not added.  The final stage of Yast that runs after the boot did warn that “/home” was not mounted.  I was able to use CTRL-ALT-F2 to get a virtual console window, and unlock and mount there, before resuming the Yast processing (with CTRL-ALT-F7).

I finished up disabling plymouth (removing “splash=silent quiet” from the grub boot line.  That results in a noisy boot, but at least the crypto is handled properly.

Apart from that, things look okay, though I have not yet had much testing time.  Grub2 installed cleanly in all three of my install attempts.


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6 responses to “Opensuse 12.2 RC1 flubs crypto”

  1. Roderick Wright says :

    Hi, first I want to thank you for the assistance you provided me with the beta install of openSUSE 12.2, thank you. I would like to know, as I have not run openSUSE for quite some time now, why can’t I get the community repos, such as Packman, to install through yast2? I keep getting “no repos configured” although I have all that comes with the default install. Not a major problem, just wonder about why are things this way.


    • Neil Rickert says :

      I hadn’t tried that. I’m assuming that you are trying to add for 12.2, so I just gave it a try with the same failure.

      The packman repo for 12.2 has not yet been created. The reason that I had not tried, is that I had not yet seen an announcement that packman existed for 12.2. Given that the final release of 12.2 is delayed until mid September, I’m guessing that a packman repo will show up a week or two before that.

      I did point my browser to “” to see what is there. And 12.2 does not yet show up.


      • Roderick Wright says :

        Thank you, I did check and packman does have a repo for factory and I may be able to add it from there, as I read that 12.2 rc1 is still in factory. I will give that a try to see what happens. Again, thank you for the support. I really enjoy following your post, it is wonderful to follow someone who love their distro and is very knowledgeable. Btw, I do understand your “hate” for Microsoft.


        • Neil Rickert says :

          They actually split off 12.2 from factory at the time of Beta2. That was to deal with some of the problems that were delaying 12.2. But it’s worth giving the factory packman repo a try and see what results.


          • Roderick Wright says :

            Ok, I understand, they just have not change the info on portal:factory page. I was downloading the live cd that have the factory repos from that page to test, I hope it works out. Thanks again, I hope that I have not disturbed your Sunday afternoon too much, but I do respect your knowledge and guidance.


  2. Roderick Wright says :

    I was able to add the factory repos from the link that you provided, and was able to get multimedia working. Thank you, have a great day.


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