Experimenting with opensuse 12.2 milestone 1

Last week I installed milestone 1 for testing, and I am writing this post from that 12.2 install. I’ll note that I installed using the 32 bit DVD installation image, which I put on a USB (rather than a DVD).  The final release of 12.2 is tentatively scheduled for July, so this is still rather early in the cycle.

I installed on a spare partition (or partitions) on my laptop.  It is too early in the release cycle to consider using 12.2 for anything other than testing.  That said, it does seem reasonably stable once it has completed booting.  I have added that “once completed” condition, because there seem to be some unexplained delays during bootup.

It is hard to know what causes the delays.  I see delays whether booting from the live KDE system, or booting the installed system.  However, I see longer delays for the installed system.  I am suspecting that some of those delays for the installed system might be crypto-related, because I am using a LUKS encrypted “/home” and a randomly encrypted swap.  Some of the apparent delays seen in “dmesg” output seem to be at about the time encryption is being setup.

Apart from those delays, the main problem I am seeing is that the Broadcom wifi is not working.  I am temporarily using a USB wifi device for connectivity during testing.

I installed only KDE.  It is coming up as KDE 4.8.0.  It mostly seems to work well, though the ksudoku game did crash (segfault) the only time that I tried it.  I am writing this post with kwrite (into a file), and I’ll later post from there using my browser on the 12.2 system.

The splash screen for 12.2 is rather nice looking.  And most of what I have tried works well.  I’ll probably make additional posts for future milestone releases.



About Neil Rickert

Retired mathematician and computer scientist who dabbles in cognitive science.

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